This page records some of the prophetic, humorous, and possibly irreverent sayings of past employees of the Queensland Government water resources agencies. Suggestions from members are invited.

Bernie Credlin

Title of retirement speech: Out of Commission.

On comments by Commissioner Frank Learmonth: We should start a little red book called The Thoughts of Chairman Frank - it need not be large.

At commencement of meeting: Why are we having this meeting?

To Jack Curry waiting at bar to be served: Will you be long?

Jack Curry

On Bernie Credlin: Little savage.

When told he was shouting out of turn: What does it matter whose shout it is as long as everyone gets a beer.

On Mike McEniery: They should put im in a capsule and fire im up into orbit.

On his own bad luck: Couldn't get a do in a berker with a fist full of notes.

Col Hazel

On Burroughs PCs not running industry standard programs: They cost three times as much so they must be three times as good.

On accidental discrepancies in his own sayings: I lied.

Jim Prosser

After losing a bet: Don't forget to buy that casket ticket.

On the cost of living: It's not beer, fags, and gambling that keep you poor - it's motor cars.

Ernie Melville

On a suggestion to ask Malcolm Pegg for a decision: I don't want a decision that quickly.

Malcolm Pegg

On decision making: Never make a decision until you have to.

Jim Mylne

On Adrian Muller: He must have been a hyper active child.

Adrian McNeil

On necessities of life: Vivienne and I worked out that we could not afford luxuries in addition to basics so we opted for the luxuries.

Bill Sharp

On achieving success: Watch Red King in the fifth at Randwick on Saturday.

Keith Smythe

On hydrology: It always rains after a drought.

Alan Seabrook:

On food for thought: Eating takes the edge off your appetite.

8th June, 2010