• Centenary Celebrations

    Remember the enjoyable get togethers conducted by the Association in 2022 to celebrate the centenary of the Irrigation Act? These can be relived from the page on Irrigation Act 1922 Centenary Celebrations.

  • Pictorial Potted History

    The slide presentation, prepared by Gary Corbett and Bruce Pearce for the recent Irrigation Act Centenary Celebrations, provides a comprehensive history of the Commission. It is available here.

  • First Annual Report

    Fancy an encounter with the very beginnings of our Alma Mater? We now have the first Annual Report of the Irrigation and Water Supply Commission, courtesy of John Ruffini. It is linked from the page on Commencement of Government Water Resources Agencies in Queensland.

  • 2011 Flood

    On 25th May, 2022, John Ruffini and Robert Ayre addressed the Association on their experiences in operating Somerset and Wivenhoe Dams during the 2011 flood and in participating in the subsequent enquiries and court action. Information, including the full presentation, can be accessed from the page on Reflections on the 2011 and 2022 Flood Events and Future Events.

  • Vale Alan Vizer

    Our esteemed colleague, Alan Vizer, passed away on 25th August, 2020. Everyone has fond memories and exciting stories of Alan. We have prepared a brief tribute.

  • Golf Day 2020

    The Association's annual golf day was held on 7th August at the Keperra Golf and Country Club. There is a report in Newsletter No 93. Terry Loos has supplied a photograph of participants.

  • Tributes to Tom Fenwick

    The Association was deeply saddened by the passing of former Commissioner of Water Resources, Tom Fenwick, on 20th April, 2020. All Members are invited to provide their tribute for inclusion in the page on Tributes to Tom Fenwick. Please email tributes to

  • Webmaster

    Many thanks to Warren Shallcross for maintaining our website for the past three years. Jon Henry, the previous webmaster, has agreed to continue the work.

  • Newsletter Editor

    Our esteemed Newsletter Editor, Ian Pullar, has now produced his 50th edition of the Newsletter. Ian has edited over half of all our newsletters. Congratulations and thanks to Ian.

  • Membership Applications

    Applying for membership is now easier than ever with the new online Membership Application Form.

  • Flood Lessons

    A pertinent article on lessons to be learned from recent Queensland floods appeared in Civil Engineers Australia, December 2012. This is the article referred to in WRRA Newsletter No 70.

  • Film Scanner

    The Webmaster has a 35mm film scanner that could be used to digitise Members' favourite watery sauces slides for publication in the Picture Galleries on the Web Site. It takes only about five minutes to do a gallery of twenty or so slides. Please email ( to make arrangements.

  • Pssst

    Want to be reminded of what is inside a steel sheet piling weir? The latest Picture Gallery shows the inside of Baralaba Anabranch Weir.

  • Newsflashes

    Members with current email addresses registered with the Association receive news that cannot wait for the next Newsletter. Such news includes invitations to inspections of watery sauces interest, advice of functions such as retirements, and the sad news of the passing of former colleagues. Recent examples are the retirement function for Errol Bietz and the inspection of the Rocklea Hydraulics Laboratory. Members are requested to keep their email addresses up to date by advising the secretary at (

  • Web Site

    The Watery Sauces Web Site has been launched to enable contributions from, and comment by, WRRA members. In its current form, it is a skeleton awaiting the content required by members. Please send contributions in open systems formats, e.g. rtf, pdf, jpg.

  • Newsletter

    Current Newsletter

  • Picture Gallery

    The Picture Gallery of Hydrographer's Meetings is worth a look. Thanks to Don Alexander.

26th October, 2023